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Best of the North State 2019:From the Hearth Cafe


From the Hearth Cafe

1292 College View Drive, Redding; 424-2233 1427 Market St., Redding; 424-2233 2650 Churn Creek Road, Redding; 424-2233

638 Washington St., Red Blu ; 727-0616

1279 Pine St., Redding

(530)691-4441  www.fthcafe.com

  You come to From The Hearth for the tasty burgers and delightful sandwiches, but don’t forget about the French fries. After all, what’s a good burger without a classic side like fries?

And From The Hearth does French fries upright. Crisp, seasoned just right and generously piled on your plate, the fries are FTH are just waiting to complement your Cali Burger.

Add ketchup … or whatever you like to dunk your fries in … and you’ve just created the perfect meal.


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From the Hearth Café

Before From the Hearth had multiple locations throughout the North State, the delicious eateries began as a humble bakery in a North Redding warehouse.

FTH has grown and adapted but never forgotten its bakery roots. That’s evident in every dish they serve, whether it’s a delightful deli sandwich, gourmet burger or scintillating wrap.

Freshness you can taste in every bite awaits you at any of their locations across the North State.

And the best part about FTH’s diverse menu is that while it’s all freshly prepared,

the menu will take you several times to taste it all. One bite and you’ll want to be

back for sure.


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The dilemma about going to From The Hearth Café might be . guring out just what to order o their

delicious and deep menu.

From the Cuban to the Bu alo chicken to the

French dip, From The Hearth Café’s hot sandwiches are sublime and served how you like it with your choice of a side dish. And then there’s the burgers, wraps and rice bowls, all made with the freshest ingredients to your liking and served with FTH’s divine bread. And don’t forget to get French fries – the side

dish that Best Of voters chose over all others.

With so many options – and locations – perhaps it’s time to make From The Hearth Café a staple of your weekly lunch routine. That way you can sample

everything they have to o er and decide what you

like best.


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