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My name is Cory Schaefer; I’m pleased to be joining the team at Redding Reviews and Best Of The North State (BOTNS). Went to College to get an MBA in business. I am currently a couple of semesters away from my degree in business management. I have more than 16 yrs in supervising and management experience in different industries.

My first management position was an auto detail shop for a local dealership. I was in charge of hiring a crew and training them to meet deadlines and quotas with the customer in mind at all times. Began marketing the shop on an aggressive level which became successful.
I worked as sales manager for Bridgestone Tires
selling tires to retail companies and maintaining my client’s accounts and building up new Business. My last job I was an Account Manager for Fortune 5000 companies doing employment screenings for their Staff helping grow their Business by finding the best team in their industry. With all the opportunities I have experience in managing, marketing, and sales.

I believe in providing the best service for the client. If I can help my client succeed, then I will succeed and so will their Business.

Cory Schaefer

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